About Sonia

My healing work has been deeply shaped by a range of teachers and approaches including: the Realisation Process, Dynamic Stillness, Body Intelligence training, Diamond Approach and Process Painting.

Realisation Process

I am a fully qualified Realisation Process teacher. The Realisation Process is a direct path to embodied nondual awakening. Being embodied is the capacity to directly experience one’s self, without using the filter of the mind. It brings a sense of feeling completely at home in our own skin, more connected to self and others.

The Realisation Process is a very deep approach to healing trauma. I utilise the embodiment aspect of the Realisation Process with my clients. This means I can offer supportive tools to clients to engage their own process of unfolding and healing in-between sessions.

Dynamic Stillness

I studied Stillness Touch through a mentoring programme with Giorgia Milne, and private tuition with Charles Ridley (the founder of Stillness Touch). The Dynamic Stillness school focuses on developing practitioners who can rest deeply in the now-ness of the moment. Through Charles and Giorgia I am deepening into a profound stillness that is the potential for transformation.

It is remarkable that the more we abide in the depths of our being, the more we can facilitate healing in others because this depth is contagious, it has no agenda, no outcome, it is simply openness itself, bringing unconditional love and untapped potential. Our bodies really respond to this depth, opening up, releasing, and healing based on an innate intelligent response.

Body Intelligence

I entered the world of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy through the Body Intelligence programme. I am grateful to Ged Sumner for being my teacher, and for offering a programme that brings such a detailed felt-sense knowledge of the body and how it is organised. It is amazing to discover that embodiment can be so precisely felt, and that knowing our anatomy and biology in this way releases trauma, unconscious holding patterns and opens us up to flow and health.

Our wholeness is magical, fluid, mysterious and utterly human because it’s the fabric of who we are. This study brought to me a felt-sense knowing that our bodies are alive, ever changing and unfolding.

Diamond Approach

I was a Diamond Approach student for a decade. This inner work school had a profound impact on my soul’s journey. I love exploring the felt-sense of what it is to be a human being. My teachers gave me the tools to inquire and be interested in reality (what’s showing up right now), giving me a key to my own unfoldment. The Diamond teaching is a body of very precise knowledge about human qualities and states of consciousness, always unfolding and enabling deeper integration of truth.

When we meet people who have a deep sense of presence, who walk the talk, anything is possible. We grow, we transform because the truth of the moment is being lived and fully experienced through the body. This knowing can be transmitted through touch. The body knows presence directly and is impacted and moved by it.

Process Painting

Before discovering Process Painting, I had no idea that I was creative. Now I know that is indeed our birthright – to be in direct relationship with our life-force, our creativity. It’s not what we do, it’s what we actually are. Process painting is a way of painting from our hearts. I really appreciate how Stewart Cubley has brought what is in essence a moving mediation, to ordinary people under the clever guise of having fun. This process teaches how to be in the unknown, to have no plan or intention but to listen and be guided each step of the way.

This skill is essential for BCST and Stillness Touch because the practitioner is listening, being guided each moment to moment, on a journey that is not predefined and unknowable. The intelligence that shapes your body, knows its priority and what is needed next in its growth and unfolding – no-one else does. It can be the same with painting.

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I am a registered Craniosacral Therapist.

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy association
  • Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Canada
  • MSc in Social Research Methods from University of Surrey, UK
  • BSc degree in Sociology from the LSE

Prior to becoming a craniosacral practitioner, I worked for universities, government departments, and private organisations evaluating and reviewing social programmes and organisations.

I have always been motivated to improve life outcomes for people. My previous career focused on outcomes for society and groups of people. I have now turned my attention to focus on the power of individuals to transform from within themselves.

My work has been inspired by the people I have studied with, read, and listened to:

Alan Watts, A.H. Almass, Adyashanti, Charles Ridley, Diamond Approach teachers, Emile Conrad, Giorgia Milne, Ged Sumner, Franklyn Sills, Judith Blackstone, Mike Box, Richard Rudd, Roma Hammel, Scott Zamurut, and Stewart Cubley.

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