Benefits of the Healing Art of Touch

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy offers wide-ranging benefits.

Aligning to Creative Forces

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy relates directly with the energetic forces that generate and maintain the physical body. This is our health as defined by BCST. Energetic forces have a cascading impact in the organisation of the physical tissue body, improving the overall expression of health in the body and mind.

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When I am in physical contact with you and aligned to the generative healing forces this facilitates a process that:

  • Builds internal resources leading to more energy and vitality
  • Opens up holding patterns (like trauma held both energetically and in your tissue fields)
  • Rebalances and realigns the tissue body as new energy is released
  • Brings fluidity back to the body, which is deeply relaxing
  • Fosters felt-sense embodied awareness, bringing a direct experience of the present moment
  • Opens up deeper states of consciousness, which is transformative and supports inner unfolding.

Sensations only occur in the present moment, and are the doorway into living fully.

Cascading Benefits

The cascading benefits of this work are deeply personal.

For some, this process is a profound journey of inner discovery and healing. It is a chance to safely process traumatic events and imprints, to become much freer physiologically, psychologically, and energetically.

This work can be a journey that builds your internal resources, supporting your resilience to live your life with all its ups and downs.

The healing journey can also be about discovering new aspects of yourself, including healing your physical and emotional bodies.

Hold open the possibility of your own healing

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Addressing Specific Symptoms

People come to this work with a wide variety of symptoms because they recognise that aches, pains, illness or disease express a lack of harmony within their system.

People come because they want to support their health flow more optimally throughout their body. They trust that the best outcome for them will emerge from this work, in its own time.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a modality that relate to your wholeness, initiating system-wide transformation. They don’t target specific symptoms. Instead, these modalities work holistically at a much deeper layer of your system — meeting and supporting your system to function in a new way. These modalities has a cascading impact on your health.

BCST is fundamentally about discovering your optimal health and wellbeing; supporting you to thrive.

Part of Your Support Team

BCST is a very profound ways to support your health.

This work is a valuable support for people who are also receiving medical treatments, accessing alternative therapies (like homeopathy, naturopathy, and acupuncture), and/or using talk approaches like counselling or coaching.

People who practice mindfulness, yoga, chi kung, meditation, or do movement exercises (5 Rhythms dance, or Feldenkrais) will find that BCST will support and deepen their personal practice.

When we are actively taking responsibility for our own health we often need different types of support.

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