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Tell me your preferred dates, time and how soon you would like a session.

Appointments are for an hour in total.

Opening Hours

I am available for sessions Monday to Friday, 12.00pm to 6.15pm each day.

I can offer some morning sessions on request.


Room 241, Salamanca Group Building

32 Salamanca Road, Kelburn, Wellington

My practice room is located at the top of the Botanical Gardens in Central Wellington.

I’m a two minute walk from the top of the Cable Car or the Skyline carpark.

My room is on the second floor of the Salamanca building. You will need to walk up one small flight of stairs.

Location Front door of 32 Salamanca Group Building


Parking spots include:

  • onsite parking using the Parkable app
  • the Skyline Carpark at the top of the Cable Car
  • coupon parks on Salamanca Road and towards the Kelburn shops

Healing is the emergence of Originality

James Jealous, Doctor of Osteopathy