The depth of who we are is a wholeness that has never been hurt or wounded. Our physical and spiritual nature is a unified whole. Only in the mind are these separate concepts.

Embodiment: an ongoing experience of living within the internal space of our body

Judith Blackstone, Realisation Process Founder

Undivided Wholeness

From a BCST and Stillness Touch perspective, your health is an aspect of this wholeness that is always here, no matter what has happened to you. Your health created you, and it maintains you now – including your physical body. It is always available when we become deeply present to “the Now”.

The healing journey is about becoming more and more whole. Reconnecting with your health is a powerful way to support this process. There is really no ‘end’. Rather there is an endless unfolding, which becomes more and more magical. Our body is a vital portal into wholeness.

Embodiment is a living felt-sense knowing of this undivided nature. Embodiment is an ongoing development of wholeness that I experience as an Inner Body Freedom.

undivided wholeness

Given the opportunity, our body always seeks greater optimal health and harmony.

Fragmentation and Disconnection

We all grow up slowly (and sometimes suddenly) disconnecting from our felt-sense knowing of wholeness.

To say ‘all’ is really to emphasise that this is especially true for people living in an industrialised, technological, modern society with an emphasis on the importance of being a useful separate individual.

Felt-sense wholeness isn’t a topic taught at school. Most of our parents wouldn’t know what felt-sense wholeness is, never mind supporting us to value and nurture it within us. We do not talk to each other about our felt-sense experience – ordinarily.

The disconnection we experience is not only due to trauma; it is also one of the ways we adapt ourselves to belong within our families.

We end up identifying with our own and others’ thoughts, not feeling a distinction between who we are and the idea. We lose our felt-sense knowing of ourselves. Our bodies can feel like something separate from who we are. And when we speak, move, or think these actions can all seem to be coming from different parts of ourselves.

If we have or are doing any kind of self-reflective practice or talk therapy, we will also be aware that we have many different voices or parts inside, with their differing views, needs, and desires.

This fragmentation and disconnection are really normal and is to be welcomed, explored, understood and (most of all) felt.


You cannot be mindful without being present, and to be fully present is to be embodied.


  • When you mediate, do thoughts hook your attention more than you would like?
  • When you relate to others, do you lose an inner felt-sense contact with your body?
  • Do you think felt-sensations within your body are valuable?
    What’s your concept of your ‘body’?

Coming Back Into Wholeness

The healing journey is a process of coming more and more into our wholeness. Personal practice is important (e.g. mindfulness, inquiry, sensing, and mediation), as is working with people who can guide and facilitate this process.

Transformation happens through felt-sense experience. BCST and Stillness Touch offer unique supports to an unfolding initiated through your body.

BCST and Stillness Touch sessions include a check-in at the end, which is an opportunity to explore and articulate what has and is happening. This process is like developing your felt-sense muscle and it’s powerful when done in relationship with someone who can embody what is unfolding.

Sonia has a wonderful ability to reach into the present moment and connect with you

Finding the freedom to be

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