Inner Fluidity

We are fluid creatures. The ground of our physical body can be experienced as a substantial fluidity. It’s like we have our very own internal swimming pool.

Inner fluidity: A Private Sea of Bliss

When our mind is still, and when our body is deeply relaxed, the fluid expression of our bodies can come into the forefront of our experience. This fluidity is palpable.

Our fluid body is a magical place, where we actually feel like we slip, slide and move from within, without any thought or effort. Our fluid body is a realm of bliss within our bodies. We feel as if we are an aspect of a vast and deep ocean.

The fluid world is a world of motion, flow and movement. This world is not a stagnate one. The fluid world is open to and moved by healing forces – the forces that generate and maintain us. Currents and waves move through us as we resonate with the world that we are part of.

I feel like I am sea!

It is often a big surprise when we experience our fluid nature. It’s also a very important aspect of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

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Fluidity in the Body

Science can point to some ways to understanding the experience of our inner fluid body.

For instance, our body is approximately 55 to 75% water. This percentage varies depending on our age and weight (and the research). Our cells are fluid and live in a fluid world.

Fluids our dispersed throughout our body. If we think about blood, we may think of rivers of liquid flowing through all those arteries, capillaries, and veins.

Fluids are also part of our tissue world and can be found at the microscopic level. We have a network of fluid-filled space throughout our connective tissue called the interstitium. The experience of fluidity that can open up Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is of an even medium that is a wholeness, which is possibly related to the physical structure of the interstitium.


Within our culture, the notion of a fluid body is quite challenging as most of us are not relationship to this inner world. The sense of having a fluid body is not a ‘thing’ we are taught, nor do we normally talk about it.

One person who has an incredible relationship to his inner fluid realm is Cass Phelps. He has done a lot of inner work to access this realm, so that it aligns clearly and is visible in his body.

The following Youtube clip is a demonstration of this state. Notice how his movements are soft and buttery. There is no resistance to the flow. He moves as a single wholeness. His fluidity is so refined that wave motion passes through his tissue body with easy and visibility.

An approach to healing that recognises both the energetic and physical midlines opens up possibilities and can be powerful.

Impact of Trauma on Our Fluid Ground

To access out fluid body state we need a still mind. When we are activated it is very hard to have a still mind, to be present in the moment.

We are activated when we feel stressed, anxious, or restlessness. If we sit still, we find we have a restless monkey mind. This restlessness happens because of unresolved trauma activating our system. The effects of the monkey mind is compounded by everyday life adding to the stress load that we are carrying.

When we experience trauma our body contracts and our tissues compress. Imagine all the microscopic tiny droplets of water in the body being compressed and squeezed as the threads of fascia and connective tissue are pulled in.

Without the resolution of our trauma, these contractions stay and get compounded. Sensitive touch can feel these contractions – the grooves in the fluid body have become stagnant, locked in.

I believe that our bodies want to be healthy, that they are trying to come out of trauma and recover their fluidity. We need tenderness, and gentle, attuned touch really supports our process.

connective tissue droplets - BCST

A healthy body feels like a fluid sea. A body with lots of holding, injuries, and traumas doesn’t. Instead of micro cushions, there is hardness – like layers of tiny strands of fibres stuck together. Hardness leads to a lack of movement, a holding in.


We can explore our relationship to our fluid body through our felt-sense. When we have a settled mind, we can open up to sensing the internal space of our body. When our fluid body is ‘awake’ in us, we will be able to sense its existence and internal movement.

The majority of us won’t feel fluid. We are much more likely to feel nothing, which is an affect of trauma. Unresolved trauma in our body cuts us off from our internal sensing capacities.

If we are able to feel fluidity, we may feel in some areas much more strongly than in others. The more we tune into our fluidity, the more relaxed we will feel.

I feel so relaxed, I have become part of the table. I feel at home.

Fluidity brings a sense of inner bounce and padding. When my feet became fluid, I realised I felt like I was walking around with shock absorbers in place. Not only is it very pleasant; it feels healthy, a good thing for my body.

As fluidity increases, aches and pains release and fade away. It’s as if these symptoms are being metabolised back into wholeness within our system. A deep resolution of our history has happened.

Paradoxically, we may also become more aware of holding, tensions, and strains because these are being shown up more. These layers of holding can also transform; it is a process.


  • How supple do you feel when you move?
  • Do you experience yourself as fluid being? All throughout your body, or only in parts?
  • Is the idea of directly experiencing your body as a fluid medium a) really cool b) a bit weird or c) totally impossible!?

Coming Back Into Optimal Health

Our inner fluid realm is important for optimal health. It is a place of no resistance. Our tensions simply dissolve and melt back into the ground of our body. It is a place of inner freedom where fear, anxiety, and tension have no lasting hold on us. For this world to show itself to you, you need a still mind and your body needs to feel safe and calm in a very deep way.

No matter our history, no matter what illness, disease, pain, or tension we have experienced or experience today; I believe we can all learn to gently come into relationship with our fluid body. We will all have degrees to which this is possible. For some of us, this journey will be much longer than others because our bodies have been through so much more. A lot of transformation is possible with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

Discover your fluid body and the gift it has for you.

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