Vitality and Mojo

It’s our birthright to feel alive, brimming with vitality, and with our mojo switched on. We feel our aliveness as a ‘yes’ to life that is supportive and enabling.

Vitality, Our Birthright

Aliveness can be felt as being energetic and vibrant, and it can also be felt as a quiet hum. It can bring a sense of calm self-confidence that is a contentedness with life.

Our potency is our life-force which is the energy needed for our growth and transformation throughout our life. From a wee single-celled dot, you become a fully-grown human being. Life-force is a fundamental energy that grows and maintains our body.

I can feel energy moving right through me!

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Access to potency is not dependent on what is happening in the world around us. In optimal health, our potency is always available and flowing through us. When it is freely available like this, we feel connected to something resourcing and positive. We will not feel burnt out.

Our aliveness is something very fundamental to being human. When we are in direct contact with our vitality, we feel we are being recharged and are connected to something very substantial.

BCST and Stillness Touch connect to this field of aliveness. This field assists the body to open out of contractions and to optimise the flow of energy throughout our whole system.

Energy Body

In addition to our physical body, we have an ‘energy body’. This is a personal field that includes and surrounds our physical body.

Our energy body has fulcrums, or different organising centres, that distribute energy for different functions in the materialisation of our body, sensations, emotions and thoughts.

Chakras are examples of energetic organising fulcrums, as are the deeper centres of the head, heart and belly.

Our life force is thought to travel within the body through the fascia, the network of connective tissue that runs throughout our whole body.

When energy is flowing in and out of us smoothly and freely, we feel harmonised, balanced, and capable. We feel like we are doing things in our own rhythm. We often have an expanded sense of self.

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Impact of Trauma on Our Energy Body

Mingtong Gu, a Qigong master describes trauma as an energetic overwhelming event. That is, our energy body is impacted and responds to trauma before our physical body does. These impacts then flow from our energy body into our physical body, and can actually have shapes and different densities.

I feel like I have a lump to the right-side of my neck, outside my body

When we are injured (physically, emotionally, or energetically) we instinctively protect ourselves. This protection is an intelligent, immediate, and automatic response by our organism.. We protect ourselves from pain, and we protect our organism from being more affected than need be.


It isn’t always easy to realise how much our life-force is being contained, as most of our contractions happened during our childhood as we constantly adapted to our environment. We have gotten used to how things are.

Many of us have an indirect sense of energy. We might feel really sluggish or over-stimulated.

We might instinctively feel we really like someone, that they have a positive vibe. Conversely, we might find that we just don’t want to be near someone else – we might feel that ‘they don’t feel good.’ We can also get this sense about places and buildings and so on. When you have this type of intuition, you might be tuning into an aspect of your energy body or someone else’s without realising.

As with any aspect of our felt-sense this is an experience, and not a matter of belief. We need to come into the present moment and tune into what’s present. To do this requires being with the whole spectrum of experience, including numbness, pain, joy, love, lightness, and fear. Discovering felt-sense is a journey of re-sensitising us to all that is here.

  • Have you had direct felt-sense experience of energy in your body?
  • Do you feel vital no matter what the weather is like? Can you drop into this internal resource?
  • How alive do you feel you are? Is it throughout your body or in pockets?
  • Do you feel your energy levels are low?
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Coming Back Into Health

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have cultivated practices to bring balance and flow to our energy system. Chi kung, yoga, TCM, and acupuncture are all knowledge systems that have different ways to map and support the movement of our energy body.

A fundamental aspect of BCST is relating to the forces that generate and maintain both the physical and energetic body. It is very powerful to relate to these forces without an agenda, without a map of what will happen; and to let these forces lead the way. This allows a deep unfolding to happen that is unpredictable and, in a sense, unknowable. BCST and Stillness Touch is a very direct way of accessing this aspect of our health.

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