My Approach to the Healing Art of Touch

My skills are perceptual, relational, and informed by many years of spiritual development and discovery that enable me to support the unfolding of your physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

My approach to BCST is very much informed by the understanding that deeply resting in the ‘now’ (as someone like Eckhart Tolle might say) opens up a natural and organic process of unfoldment in our body-mind-soul. This is the wisdom Dr Sutherland developed later in his practice – “Be Still and Know I am.”

Your experience of a session can’t be planned or predicted. Changes can be subtle or significant, and usually open you to more health which can be directly experienced.

Don’t expect a linear journey. Open to the possibilities of what can happened when we really embrace what is here in the moment. It is always an intelligent, attuned, optimal response.

Think of all those trillions of cells being born, living and dying every moment. Like any creative expression, you are dynamic and best handled with an open heart.

There is an enormous power inside all of us to learn and grow from adverse experiences. We have a body that is self organising and always striving for harmony.

. . .

healing approach sonia ogier wellington

You are a constantly manifesting creative happening