Meet Sonia Ogier: A skilled and compassionate therapist

Sonia is a Wellington based Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist who uses physical touch and presence to facilitate healing. Learn about her unique influences here.

Scott Zamurut

As a member of Scott Zamurut’s Biodynamic Advanced Mentoring group, I have the privilege of learning from one of North America’s senior teacher’s. Scott emphasises the significance of practitioners embodying the Breath of Life, and his teachings have helped me refine my perceptual sensitivity, deepen my understanding of applied anatomy, and advance my personal healing journey. I am grateful to receive Scott’s clear teaching of this work and lineage to Sutherland and Becker.

Realisation Process

As a certified Realisation Process teacher, I support individuals on a journey towards embodied nondual awakening. This process involves experiencing oneself without the interference of the thinking mind, resulting in a profound sense of being at home in one’s own body and more connected to others. Additionally, the Realisation Process can be a powerful tool for healing trauma, and I incorporate somatic-based inquiry and supportive tools to aid my clients in their personal journey towards healing and growth.

Touch of Presence

Giorgia Milne’s Touch of Presence training focuses on cultivating a deep presence in the present moment, free from judgment or expectation. Through this practice, I discovered a quietness within myself that allows for transformation and healing. I also had the opportunity to train with Charles Ridley, who was affiliated with Giorgia at the time.

What I found remarkable was that the more I delve into my own being, the more I am able to facilitate healing in others. This depth of awareness is contagious and brings about unconditional love and untapped potential. Our bodies respond to this depth by opening up, releasing, and healing based on an innate intelligent response.

Body Intelligence

The Body Intelligence programme introduced me to the world of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and I am grateful to my teacher, Ged Sumner, for providing such a detailed understanding of the body and its organisation. Through this program, I discovered the incredible ability to feel and understand the body’s anatomy and biology, which can release trauma and unconscious patterns and promote health and flow.

This study has shown me that our bodies are alive, constantly changing, and full of magic and mystery. Understanding our wholeness in this way is a deeply human experience that allows us to fully embrace our unfolding journey.

The Diamond Approach

The Diamond Approach is an inner work school that deeply impacted my soul’s journey. Through this approach, I learned to explore the felt-sense of what it means to be human and gained tools to inquire and be interested in reality. The emphasis on studying the nature of the ego and presence allowed for deeper integration of truth and a key to my own unfoldment. Diamond Approach transmits precise knowledge about human qualities and states of consciousness and a realisation that reality is always unfolding and transforming.

When we encounter individuals with a deep sense of presence, who embody truth through their body, anything is possible. The body knows presence directly and is impacted and moved by it. I am grateful for the profound impact the Diamond Approach had on my journey.

Process painting

Process painting is a unique way of tapping into our innate creativity and life-force. It allows us to paint from our hearts without any preconceived plan or intention. Stewart Cubley has made this practice accessible to everyone, and it teaches us to be comfortable with the unknown and to trust our inner guidance. This skill is also essential for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, where practitioners must listen and be guided in the moment, allowing the body’s intelligence to shape its growth and unfolding. Just like in process painting, there is no predefined path, and the practitioner must trust the body’s priorities and needs.

Sonia Ogier
Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy association
Qualifications and previous career
  • Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Canada
  • MSc in Social Research Methods from University of Surrey, UK
  • BSc degree in Sociology from the LSE

Before transitioning to a career as a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist, I spent years working in various sectors, including universities, government departments, and private organisations. During this time, my work centered around evaluating and reviewing social programs and organisations with the goal of improving outcomes for society and specific groups of people. While I remain passionate about creating positive change on a larger scale, my current focus is on empowering individuals to transform themselves from within.

My work has been inspired by the people I have studied with, read, and listened to:

Alan Watts, A.H. Almass, Adyashanti, Emile Conrad, Gabor Mate, Giorgia Milne, Ged Sumner, Franklyn Sills, Judith Blackstone, Matt Kahn, Richard Rudd, Roma Hammel, Scott Zamurut, Teena Walker, Stewart Cubley, and Zeb Lancaster.

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