Clients really appreciate the transformation that happens

People who have experienced Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy often express amazement at the unique and positive changes they feel in their bodies and minds.

Through deep listening and allowing the body to naturally unfold in it’s own way, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can facilitate deep healing and resolution of old traumas. This fundamental energetic process can lead to profound shifts in energy flow and reorganisation of the body and mind.

Whether you come once, are committing to a series of sessions, or making regular appointments, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy has the potential to be life-changing. The benefits of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy are broad. You can explore the benefits section to find out more about the changes possible.

Testimonials are about transformation


Here are some testimonials from my clients expressing their gratitude for the transformative healing they have experienced. You can find more testimonials at google review.

“Over the last 30 years I have used many different healing modalities. Sonia trumped them all. She can hold space – space to heal, space for grace, space for issues, and space for peace. Sonia has a way. I still can’t quite put it into words. I think some healing just needs to be experienced. She gave me a safe place to heal, a safe place to finally bring out the better me.”

Abi Read

“Sonia is for you if you want bodywork to heal trauma. She has done some amazing mahi with me. Her work has truly made a difference in supporting me to process and integrate a sense of stillness and safety in my body. Sonia is culturally sensitive, incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and honestly AMAZING at the work she does. I highly recommend her. If you are not sure how BCST works, just give it a go and I can guarantee you will be blown away!”

Aimee Maaka

“I went to Sonia for a concussion injury. The session was amazing and also so much more. I highly recommend anyone with physical or psychological trauma to see Sonia. I travelled a long way, and it was worth it.”

Justin Post

“I am still not sure how BCST works but I know Sonia has helped me heal to a point I didn’t know was possible for me. For anyone who has been through trauma I couldn’t recommend this enough. Both the practice and Sonia herself. I am so grateful and relieved to have found her.”

Kate Murphy 

“Discovering Sonia has been a transformational blessing in my life. She embodies empathy, clarity, and a beautiful ability to hold safe space without judgement. Sonia’s offering continues to be a fundamental support in my healing journey, as I deepen my exploration of how to remain authentically present in the midst of life’s ever-evolving challenges. As someone who lives with complex trauma, the emerging freedom and confidence I now feel to be able to comfortably bring my whole self into the world is liberating.”

Georgia Andrews

“Sonia is amazing! Sonia made me feel completely comfortable and unjudged from the get go. She has an amazing way of making me feel at ease. The work I have been doing with Sonia has been incredible. My confidence has improved hugely, and the way I feel within myself and how I view and deal with all aspects of my life and those around me has improved dramatically. I always look forward to see where my next session will take me. I absolutely recommend Sonia and her fantastic skills.”

Cesca Branch