Trauma Resolution

Focusing on your inherent healing capacity

Trauma resolution

Trauma resolution occurs when our bodies process the unresolved energies of trauma. When our system was too overwhelmed (no matter what the cause), the unresolved energies imprinted our mental, emotional, and physical life as trauma.  These energies shape us and our actions until we resolve these energies. It doesn’t matter what happened or when. It does matter whether the energies of trauma are resolved.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

BCST is a body-based approach to healing. It’s different from most modalities because its sole focus is on resolving the energies of trauma. This is an involuntary process that happens when the conditions in our bodies are favourable.

BSCT works by tuning into the biodynamic energy of our systems, which brings the inherent healing capacities of the body to the forefront of the process. It’s the biodynamic energy of our system that does the healing; always. Our biodynamic energy is intelligent, it ‘knows’ exactly the process we need to go through for trauma to be resolved. The key is to give our bodies the opportunity to express how the biodynamic energy is being organised and go through their own healing process.

In other words, BSCT is about supporting the body to come into and express its relationship with the deep rhythmic patterns of our biological existence. Fundamentally, it’s an approach to healing that is based on being receptive to what unfolds. This opens a deep trust in our own healing process.

Changes that are possible

When people with complex trauma histories see me for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy over time they:

  • Realise they can share less of their history as talking doesn’t drive transformation
  • Experience feeling safe, sometimes for the first time, which has a profound impact on the body
  • Discover they can be with a whole host of sensations that were previously too overwhelming. This brings objectivity about what their body is expressing whether as a nervous system release or feeling their own vitality and aliveness
  • Gain more contact with their own body-centred experience of themselves. Often, this is quite surprising or as many clients say ‘weird’! In my book, weird is good!
  • Feel more self-confident, as they have more internal contact with their felt sense of self. This self contact grows a deep sense of being okay with themselves regardless of what is happening around them
  • Often discover life slows down, and / or they are not so emotionally reactive. They have more inner strength, peace, and access to their own power
  • Increase their energy levels, and can participate more in life
  • Feel the burden of their history disappearing – there is literally more lightness in their experience of themselves
  • Are surprised by how much change is possible by being deeply immersed in the present moment, in their own ‘health’.
The challenges of life don’t go away because trauma is resolved. The challenges keep on coming, but the way we get to show up for ourselves and participate in life changes. It’s a much richer and fuller life.

May we all get to fully be ourselves and live an authentic life, Sonia Ogier