We Are Amazing

The potential of BCST and Stillness Touch is a direct reflection of how amazing people actually are (even if we don’t always feel that amazing).

Here are some of the ways we are amazing:

  • Our body is intelligent
  • We are very adaptable and sensitive
  • Our system is a complex wholeness.
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We grew from one cell into a community of trillions of cells. Without words or thoughts. We are inherently intelligent.

The sheer variety of our physiology is mind boggling, particularly the more we zoom into the microcosm: cells, atoms, even molecules.

This microcosmic world is constantly coming into death and rebirth. Our DNA literally gets coded millions of times a day….

Our system doesn’t have a ‘boss’; it isn’t hierarchical. Our intelligence is much more like a collective working together for the good of the whole.

Our intelligence includes the ability to heal our physical wounds without us even knowing it’s happening. It is simply something we do without (usually) being consciously aware .

Healing pains and wounds buried deep inside happens when we feel safe; safe in our tissues, in our cells. That’s intelligent.

Being deeply relaxed and safe opens up our protected areas, enabling healing to happen.

Do not underestimate the power of deeply relaxing

Adaptable and Sensitive

Our system is constantly adapting to stimuli (e.g. food, environment, people, water, life experiences, energy and so on). Daily.

What we are exposed to, and expose ourselves to, is important.

We can choose to nurture ourselves and positively impact our health in a wide variety of ways.

Our adaptability has literally shaped us, it’s how we have survived and been formed. Prenatal, birth and childhood experiences shape our body and psyche, and the flow of energy throughout our system. This impacts our health and experience of ourself. It’s also how we formed our personalities.

As we are so adaptable, health that became unavailable early in our life can return through healing.

Complex Wholeness

Our physical body is a complex wholeness that is in constant motion.

Our thoughts, emotions, sensations, energy, consciousness, and matter all live together as a whole.

Our minds are a reflection of how harmoniously our energy is flowing, as is our experience a reflection of how supple, flexible and strong we feel within our bodies.

It is not possible for us to truly understand this complex wholeness. We can have experiences that give us a glimpse. We can align to the intelligence of wholeness. Doing so is going with the priority of our system in any one moment. This comes from listening deeply to the inherent drive for health and development, opening up our potential.

complex wholeness - biodynamic craniosacral
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