We need support to heal

We all need support for our health, wellbeing and wholeness. That’s become a core truth for me. We are not designed to heal solely through our own efforts. We need each other.

We need healing as we are humans who are constantly adapting to all kinds of knock backs, challenges and changes. These have been happening to us since we were a tiny dot; shaping and imprinting our systems with patterns that were very appropriate at the time and become outdated. Some systems need a spring clean, others need deep cleaning.

Without some deep cleaning, our body-mind system becomes clogged with layers of holding. We feel more and more unsettled inside and forget how to deeply relax in our own skin. Anxiety, depression, and disease may ensue or overwhelm. We also have recurring aches and pains, feel a host of emotions that seem to control us, and a mind that is just SO busy or dull.

All of these factors can come to dominate our lives, and we then feel limited and we’re not living how we want to.  We are disconnected from our health and wellbeing. We may completely forget what it’s like to relax into our own inherent healing processes. This capacity might have diminished in the womb or when we were small children.

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is a profound way to come back into connection with our health, to be supported in our healing process. It’s radically changed my life and I see that same process happening in my clients.