What to expect

Sessions last for 60 minutes.

This time includes discussing your motivation for coming to see me and identifying what’s important in your process as we start the session. You will have 40 minutes of BCST or Stillness Touch. Afterwards, there will be time to integrate and take a moment to yourself. This will be followed by an opportunity to debrief about what has unfolded, and deepen into your felt experience.

When you have a session, you will usually lie on a massage table or sit if that is more comfortable for you. You will be fully clothed.

Wellington therapy in session
six feathers - Inner Body Freedom

I will touch you in places I feel are important to connect with you. These may be part of the classic craniosacral system (that is your sacrum, spine or head), or other areas of your body like your legs, shoulders, or face.


Session costs $110 and are payable at the end of the session.

I accept cash and online banking.

Cancelling a session

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment I will charge you the full session fee. I make an exception for anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. If you have COVID-19 symptoms there will be no cancelation fee and your session will be rescheduled.

The moment you relax into the inherent stillness in your body, and let your feeling be as they are, the magic begins.

Charles Ridley, Stillness

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