Common reasons for coming to see me

Relaxing and becoming more at ease

We can often find it difficult to deeply relax. Everyday stress and worries, anxiety, depression, stubborn aches and pains, can all keep us held in tension patterns. These patterns are grooves in our body and psyche – we forget what it is like to feel and be without them. Relaxing and letting go are fundamental to our mental and physical well-being. Skilled touch is a safe, gentle and intelligent way to process these holding patterns.

Recovering from an injury or illness

Recovery from an injury, or living with a disease process, depends on building and maintaining our internal resources. Whatever health issue you might be experiencing, your whole body is involved. Skilled touch is relational, tuning into the organic process of healing within your own body. It also supports your life force, your chi, and the liquid crystal matrix of your body to flow optimally.

Meeting difficult challenges

When we face persistent stressful situations, like a life-threatening illness, separation, or redundancy, our world gets turned inside out. We need support to be grounded deeply in our selves, so we can act with resilience. Skilled touch helps you process your physical, emotional, and mental responses to stress and builds access to your wholeness. It is profound to have this ongoing support as you journey through these life events.

Deepening your inner exploration

Embodiment is transformative – it is a powerful aspect of awakening to our true nature. We develop a new and deeper felt sense of the moment and our sense of self changes. We become much more guided by the present, attuned to what is happening within and around us. Skilled touch can support your inner journey to wholeness through presence and stillness. This touch can help integrate your unconscious preverbal patterns.

However you enter the process, it is uniquely your own journey

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