My Key Principles

key principles Inner Body Freedom

3 key principles underpin my Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

  • Non-doing
  • Supporting wholeness
  • Honouring your process


Non-doing means deeply allowing your process to happen without me shaping, judging or interfering with it. Practicing non-doing, requires that I align to what is deeply here so that your system can do the same.

The value of this approach may seem improbable or too radical, because our culture gives us strong messages that we should know, should take action, and should fix ourselves

Especially when we think of becoming well – we want someone to do something to us, to make us better. Given the right circumstance, our bodies will readjust under its own violation, and will do so in the way that is most optimal for you.

My skill is about supporting the wisdom that grew you and maintains you now to have it’s say in how you will be well, and healthy and whole again.

To embody non-doing, I have a deep spiritual foundation, do regular meditative and inquiry practices, and I have regular private sessions with a teacher.

Supporting Wholeness

You and your experience are whole. You are not made up of parts, nor are you a collection of symptoms. Your thoughts, feelings, and sensations are all interconnected. My practice is about relating to your wholeness (your health) and supporting that, therefore whilst you can come to this work seeking relief from symptoms – the nature of the work depends on what your system wants to open up to in the moment. This will always be what is most optimal for you. Trusting this process can open up profound healing.

I always feel safe and relaxed during treatment. Over time the sessions have improved my mental health. I have a positive outlook on the future and management of daily stress.

Honouring Your Process

The deeper a practitioner relates to someone’s wholeness the more important it is not interfere in the process. Having a mental understanding by assessing and diagnosing is focusing awareness on one possible interpretation of what is happening, restricting what is unfolding. I do not place a conceptual framework on someone’s process, which requires I have a deep trust in the unknown.

This approach allows your body to open, seek realignment and more optimal organisation based on what is most relevant to coming into wholeness. It also allows unconscious material to find the light of day, and it is for you – the client, the person on the table, to be shown that understanding. I’m here to facilitate that.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy